Friday, July 09, 2004

So as mentioned by the biggest reason to be a top, I kinda double-posted the last entry - alright, ALRIGHT I was a little shook up, I mean first the gray chest hairs, then the NY Post makes a mistake and the one of the Olsen twins falls from grace - it's been a hard week!

So I went for sissy, fancy drinks at a high end straight bar with my best friend from Arizona who pointed out a few things to me:

  • I become incredibly distant when I'm hurting
  • That I'm lousy at returning phone calls
  • Money has become my only motivator

To this I thought - well shit - nothing makes me happier than ignoring close friends and buying pretty things..ok, I'm joking (well except for when I'm butin Etro or Paul Smith, I get all catatonic and shit)...yeah, I've become a dick, yes I've become an overwhelming, obnoxious drunk and your right; I've been spending alot of time hurting. I also spend a lot of time reading and working and with my dogs and working on my house - I'm just trying to survive this summer and the 1 year anniversary (on friggin Friday the 13th - no less)...and if I haven't mentioned NYC is the unlikely city to host me, my fucked up emotions and my 35th bday come August 14th (book your Florida time shares NOW)

So I really need to choke the beast SO, I leave you with this list:

Remember when....

  • You could say Kajagoogoo and people didn't think you had sneezed
  • Kitty Dukakis wasn't a drag name - just an apllicant at Betty Ford
  • Bush was the worst threat to the global economy, gays, liberals, free-thinkers...oh, well I guess never mind that one.
  • People actually thought Ronald Reagan was leading this country - well I mean forget about that one to - that's just plain silly!
  • Nothing said "I love you" like a mixed tape.
  • Your parents were concerned you might get a girl pregnant - hahahahahhahahahah - yeah like butt-babies live!
  • You thought you were misunderstood - uh, well I mean present company excepted (and yeah how many of us thought it was - "present company accepted")
  • The Olsen Twins WERE cute and loveable
  • Paris was a place in Texas (ok, ok - France for you fancy folk) and Nikki was a cute greek, buy in your American Government class

Ok - done - commence personal fondling - NOW!