Thursday, April 03, 2003

So I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar - that much is true...
but then I met Donald and that was when, that was when I knew.
Don't you leave me ba-by, don't you leave me o-e-ooooooooooo.

As I stand here in my faded, cut-off ,Jacklyn Smith, daisy dukes and orange sherbet polka-dot (you called them "Poke-My-Dots" to be cute) halter-top cradling our 6 month year old daughter "Jeremiah Sissy Johnson" in my arms (barely covering the needle tracks and bruises) - I beg - NO I PLEAD! - dont you leave me and our baby this way!
I haven't even had a chance to NAIR my legs !!

Could I have done something different - perhaps one of those unusual foreign positions from that Kami Slutra book you kept hidden between the "Sleep-n-Easy" matress ?

Perhaps rubbed your size 12 feet without making those funny faces because of the smell ?

Maybe if I had made more money on the streets for you while you slaved at home coming up with the next revolutionary, entrepreneurial idea for a pyramid scheme actually made out of "pyramids".

Damn, Damn, Damn - I curse this ugly day - I curse it to Arkansas and back.

Anyone got a cig ? Here be a love - hold my baby.