Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Stringing Together Words on a Strand of Metaphor, Irony and Whimsy
(or in other words "A List")

  • When I feel obligated to a person in that monogamous sense - I feel terrible for lusting after others. And damn O'damn do I feel lust everytime I see him at the gym. Shit - it would be so hot to take him home all sweaty and ripped and play "My Lil Pony" (and no I wouldn't - but it is kinda of sexy to think about doing it)
  • I can't get a pulse on how well this reconcilliation is going. How can we know each other better than anyone - yet seem like such complete strangers?
  • I can be terribly obnoxious when I'm on a humor roll when I'm drunk. I was frigging cracking myself up on Sunday at our little Phoenix Gay Festival of being Gay -er - something. It's just fuel to the fire when I making people laugh - I just keep going and going.
  • I really don't think the previous is bad - as long as I'm not offending anyone - ok it is kinda fun if I'm offending someone - I think I meant hurting anyones feelings.
  • Crap - put up some dirty pics and your seeing over 300 visitors a day (well I mean everyday of your life is like that - but here at HCL we swim in calmer waters). YOU ALL so better have read the story too.
  • Oh please let this not be addressed to me - I'm the worst.
  • No I will NOT send anyone the original pictures, I mean if you really want them hunt down the magazine - one resourceful blogger (yeah, yeah, yeah) figured this out months before I talked about it.
  • I have my girl-buddy Les temping for me at work this week, I forgot how much fun it was to actually "leave for lunch" it seems almost decadant.
  • I know some of the stuff in this blog hasn't been - shall we say - light as meringue pie, but it really is helping me shed my skin and let go of a past that is limiting me from being more to myself and to others.
  • I just have to admit that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" keeps getting better - I give it at least two more years before it starts jumping the shark.
  • Tucson bloggers beware - I will be attending the Pride events on Saturday - I will be drinking beer and I will be fashioning a diaper out of old Dead Kennedy t-shirts to wear around the grounds.
  • It's such a warm dizzy feeling - like being Jane Pauley - to be loved by him again.
  • I need to go whack off now. nite.