Sunday, October 06, 2002

Blogging in it's essence is the two-sided knife.

One side - shiny and useful allows us to see ourselves, to cut open things (wounds, packages, cakes - yum... icing) and explore them - see them closer in all their detail ( and gore) for what they are and maybe more importantly what they were.

Other side - catches the light in such a way that it blinds us - we can not only not see ourselves in it's reflection we cut ourselves in our handling of it. And some cuts even when they are superficial can feel like wounds made with a hatchet.

My blogging started almost a year and a half ago with merely a desire to be as clever and witty and insightful as Jonno or Sturtle or Encorswish or Blogstalker. And then times changed, my life changed and you changed and people came into the scene (or I came across them latently) who changed the way I saw writing like Art is For Losers or Dog Poet or Bent Kid - they combined life and incredibly gritty wit with some very real and sometimes painful writing.

More recently people have come to know me more clearly (good and bad) - I have been even less cut off - my real name tied up in secrecy before seems to have leaked into so many blogs and I've grown a little less leary of that - I am who I am, if you read my blog you will figure that out. I do keep this site secret from co-workers and friends and family and yes those worlds could collide - but I don't write anything on these pages I couldn't say to a persons face (and if you've ever met me ITRW I think you would agree).

So which side of the knife are you holding today?

Anyone for cake ????