Monday, October 28, 2002

1 Misconception about My Body
  • I weigh less then people think. At 180lbs, people seem surprised when I weigh more then the 6ft tall guy standing next to me.
    2 Lies about My Body
  • Smooth as a babies butt (well, unless that baby was the actor Andy Garcia)
  • Three Words: Twelve Inch Penis
    3 Truths about My Body
  • I'm not sure that I will ever have 100% body confidence without the aid of booze or drugs.
  • Booze and drugs haven't actually had the best effect on my overall body.
  • "Land O'Scars" - criss-crossing my skull (surgery/baseball bat to the head), one on each ankle (C-section IV to major vein), between my eyebrows (German Shepard bite), on my right shoulder (Road Burn from Motorcycle accident) and on my right knee (Doberman bite)
    4 Wishes about My Body
  • That - as I have to date - never break a bone in my body.
  • That the cartilidge between my CV Joint and Clavicle increases to diminish the pain after working out.
  • 18.5 " biceps - no more - no less.
  • To get my ass back to being as tight and high as it was when I was 23.
  • Please no skin cancer - got a bad feeling about this one and the Scandanavian blood that runs through my viens

    1 Misconception about My Mind

  • I'm stupid. In the real world I can't tell you how many people assume I'm stupid just by looking at me.
    2 Lies about My Mind
  • 100% "stream-of-conciousness" (my mind demands structure, feels comfortable with "black-and-white" and always finds method - to madness)
  • I'm incredibly smart. (I'm really not - I'm just not stupid)
    3 Truths about My Mind
  • It works better under pressure.
  • It filters and processes things even when I wish it would stop - always just cranking away.
  • It lacks inspiration. I'm a creative "re-envisionist", but I have few brilliant original ideas.
    4 Wishes about My Mind
  • To solve the 'obvious' problems faster - without bogging myself down in the minutae of details.
  • To regain just half of the intellectual capacity I had in college.
  • To become thirsty for knowledge and informational attainment on my own (and not from morning show news or USA today)
  • To comprehend the incomprehensable.

    1 Misconception about My Soul
  • That I am a bad person.
    2 Lies about My Soul
  • There's not enough left to love another person.
  • I sold it to the devil for a vial of 'G' and a handjob.
    3 Truths about My Soul
  • With every painful entry I right and memory I shed - it grows stronger.
  • I've opened it up to fewer people in the real world then I have to strangers on the web.
  • I may not believe in God or organized religion, but I believe in Soul - which seems hard to substantiate given the previous statement.
    4 Wishes about My Soul
  • That one day it be as beautiful as Aarons.
  • That it teaches me to stop hating.
  • That it helps me to start loving more freely.
  • That one day you'll see it coming before I even enter the room.