Monday, September 30, 2002

A redundant, verbose, illogical, crude, accumulation of thoughts (prepared in list format for your viewing pleasure):

  • I'm a little embarrassed to say how involved I've become in my newest hobbie - is there a butcher term then "gardening" and is it really gardening if I have kept all of my flowering plants (up to 20) in pots? I really find some sort of quiet peace when I work on keeping these things alive.
  • The reconcilliation is going well - not perfect, still some bumps and such - but well. I'm trying to listen more and so is he. It's amazing how much you don't hear that your boyfriend says.
  • I've been very good about the gym - my work-outs have become very intense - and I'm becoming less and less patient with 'Squatters' - do NOT and I repeat DO NOT use the equipment to conduct personal voyages of the soul and mind between sets - WORK THE FUCK OUT.
  • Started to sniff around for a playmate for Baby. My only fear is that I already have such a perfect and lovable dog - how will I ever find one of her eqaul ;)
  • People seem to be getting arrested left and right around here for drugs - things are very tense on the circuit. Thank god I've been seen most frequently at Home Depot and the Great Indoors and not Boom or Arena.
  • I think I need to start another blog dedicated to just my dreams and nightmares - I could fill a book with that weird shit.
  • This bitch thinks he's gonna move away - I'm gonna go Kathy Bates on his ass and "hobble" him if he tries and moves away.
  • I'm sure by now - the whole world knows of the return of the special one, but needless to say "Hi Aaron!"
  • Game 1 - Divisional Playoffs - we're down three key players - but we are a ball club....The D-Backs are gonna hold the World Series trophy again this year.
  • I'm gonna be late to work.