Thursday, September 12, 2002

funny...the more active my mind is - often the less likely I am to come forth with the words I need to evoke the rapid relay of sizzling synapses popping in my brain.

the following things - I can safely declare - have not happened in any particular order.

  • I have not come to realize my greater gift to give, or place on this earth.
  • I have not shed the bothersome 10lbs that hangs out with me all summer long - daring, mocking and haranguing me - each time I wish to pull my shirt off.
  • For said reason - I have not sat indian style shirtless in front of anyone for as long as I can remember.
  • I have not made love to a stripper (at least female) while in Vegas, no matter how hot and flirtatious they were.
  • I have not done drugs since the night after Mikes memorial.
  • I have not quit my job and I have not admitted to myself that I can't forsake it for fear of being poor.
  • I have not lost my ability to take everything too personally and feel deeply hurt by the simpliest of actions.
  • I have not fully embraced my mantra "On a High" - though at some moments I feel closer to it than others.
  • I have not spoken of many things in my past that might shock you.
  • I have not spoken of certain things in my now that will surprise you.
  • I have not become any more clever or unique in the preparation of these lists.