Thursday, August 15, 2002

A few brief images (which are probably gonna slow down the loading of this page - sorry) and thoughts from the weekend:

  • You took a piece of my tattered heart back to NYC with you - I fucking adore your smile, your honesty and your vunerability
  • What a COMPLETE treat - ALDO (So talented - damn - i hope I didnt freak you out) and Scott & Jay (Beautiful Bears with honey pots to tempt!)
  • Chicago boys are different - they are better - they love you for who you are - they don't ask what you do, or what you drive, or who you know - they just walk up and say : "Your fucking cute - ya wanna FUCK ??"
  • There really is something awesome of being part of that "brotherhood", a big group of guys who look out for you, love you, respect you and treat you like blood, even when your not.
  • It really is an awesome feeling meeting other bloggers face-to-face and finally really knowing them.
  • I loved the hotel, downtown, Boystown, room service, the weather - but NOTHING beats waking up next to my dog in the morning.
  • I think I'm ready to start loving myself again
  • This is something special - that you BETTER check out

OK - and now a few picks:

Aldo, Me, Scott (sorry for the big hat!) and JayCraig, Me and Dave
Dan, Drew and Me - dammit Drew - look at the fucking camera!Tony, Kurt, Drew and Greg