Tuesday, April 09, 2002

hmmmmm...seems I've been "bitch-slapped" ....Joe - Buddy - I think you took the materialistic references to objects in my blog a little to seriously, but your point is appreciated - god knows someone needs to try and keep me in check *grins*. Please understand if you've read me long enough, I'm a lower middle-class kid, who put himself through college, whose parents have never bought him a car (and how I always envied my friends who just got handed the keys to the BMWer and then complained about how distant Mummy and Daddy were to them. I EARNED that lake-side apartment and SUV through straight A's in college despite waiting tables til midnight and then getting up early to work as a grunt on a landscaping crew, I cater-waitered, ran errands, did side projects, and took out a lot of student loans...I even posed in the raw for a national magazine when all my funds ran out - and ensued the embarrassment and slings and arrows of that decision. All of this to have these things (meaningless in the greater persepective of the love for my boyfriend, my friends, my family, my dog) pulled out of my hands after only having them for 11 months - because the very wealthy owners of my agency wanted to STAY wealthy - and rolling over my carcass and putting me on unemployment meant nothing to them. NO not all Fags are rich, but some work their asses off for 32 years working everyday for a minimum of 40 hours since the first day they could, trying to never take the easy way out, trying to make everyday a hard day worked and maybe, luckily in the end of it all ending up not rich, but pretty well off - but RICH in spirit and integrity YET STILL WEALTHY in friends and in hope.
'nuf said.