Wednesday, February 06, 2002

...the last week - actually scratch that - the last year, of my life has made the proverbial "life as a rollercoaster" analogy seem far too tame to capture the ups, the downs, the random whipping about, thrusting forward - then upside down - then rightside again.

Somehow after a summer of professional drought, after many periods - some brief, some not - of complete self doubt - I managed to receive two job offers in one day on Thursday. There was no level of comparison between the two - one corporate, one not. I mulled this one over with as much frivolity as an Ingmar Bergman film.

BUT...I realized something. There are NO unbreakable paths. There are no decisions that will so foreshadow the future of your life that you can never put it back on track again. If you are a resilent, clever, brave and a resourceful individual you will uncover opportunity within all your obstacles.

So I stayed with the non-corporate job (now finally with a defined salary and bonus structure - deep sigh of relief). If it doesn't work out - well - it just doesn't. I'll start over, move on and make my way somewhere else.

It's just nice to be done with it all for now.