Wednesday, June 27, 2001

If a blogger where to fall in the woods, would anyone hear the "ooomph!"

Looks like it....thanks to several of my Blogger buddies (new and old) for checking in with today to see how I was enjoying my new "lifestyle" of leisure, mid-day work-outs, coffee houses and Blog lurking.

To be honest I had a terrific day - I felt an amazing amount of energy and purpose (though admittedly a little hung over from hanging with friends last night)...I made an embarrassing amount of lists detailing the many things that would transpire as I pack up and move on - Milwaukee my dear friends - is only meant to be a story in the greater adventure in my life. Yes - EB I think your right - there's someone waiting out west for me and has been since I left Arizona just 11 months ago. I wrote a wonderful email to all the partners of the agency thanking them for giving me the chance to work with them and for allowing me the chance to teach them - very cathartic. Things to do, things to do, hours to go before I sleep....

I have a lot to accomplish in the next couple of weeks and 2000 miles to drive - in the meanwhile "Lucky" (my boy) arrives here on Friday night - I can only pray the fireproof apartment walls spare my neighbors the loud, um - "music". The gauntlet will be run in Chicago as he meets all my friends (I chuckle at the thought of my beautiful boy standing in the middle of "Cellblock" on a Saturday night) and then a big dinner with the Milwaukee contingency next Tuesday at La Fuente - here's hoping everyone is on there best behavior.