Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm back.

Australia was absolu-friggin-mazing !

I slept alot. I drank. I snorkeled. I made friends. I made even more friends. I hiked the rain forest. I learned. I got sunburned. I got drunk. I got bitten (Damn! their flies bite hard and draw blood). I swam with a shark amongst one of the seven wonders of the world. I met some at bars too. Sydney was lovely. Beautiful and historic, Flashy and young. There are seriously the hottest pool of boiz to swim amongst in Sydney. I shopped on Oxford St. ($$$$$). I drank Tooheys and James Hoage. I ate a meat pie at damn what is it called again? Mark's on the Water ? The hotel was a refuge for "free-range" models (eat girls - really, eat already.)I saw the Sydney Aquariam and felt like I had already swum in the pool. I bought the first two seasons of "Kath & Kim". I smiled at people who smiled at me. I stayed American - sounding really dumb trying to say things like "Eh, G'Day Mate!", and loved hearing "No worries" every single time it was said. I love being able to call a woman "luv".

It became heart-breakenly clear how the rest of the world views us: brash, imperialistic, reckless, cruel, funny, provocative, horrible, fancy, insane and then sane. I had more spirited debates than I could ever have in the states and walk away without slugging a man. I learned a lot about myself in others eyes. I felt older and little lonely for my youth, but maybe a little more understanding of the trade-off's, there are always "trade-off's". Can't say I think the sex was that great, but those dirty stories are for another time. Time to start getting pics together and getting friends their gifts...

slowed down a little by today's set back...

4 more years, boy is this country divided.