Sunday, May 25, 2003

the weekend of warmth - heat's up.

I can now say with all honesty and C. as a witness that I have flirted with and been flirted with by a MLB Player. Ddidn't hurt that our seats for the game DBacks/Padres (pathetic game to boot) were lower level dugout seats (think home plate, crotch level, front row) - cute, cute, cute. Something about playing smiles, eye-hockey and playful banter with a guy and then hearing the crack of the bat as he sends it to left field and gets to second. Shame he was on the opposing team. And no for reasons of defammation lawsuits, etc. I think I'll not mention names.

Went out to Roscoes with C. and K. Ohhhh K. (formerly know as "I think I've met the hottest man I've ever met") - makes my heart do sommersalts. Immediately came up and laid a deep kiss and a bear hug on me - which made me feel pretty good considering how many men were ooogling him. C. 's new beau W. showed up and - damn - no wonder he says he makes him shake when he looks at him. Anyway one of those vapid, high school feelings - but as we all stood together horsing around and K. kept grabbing kisses from me and telling me sweet things - you couldn't help but enjoy a moment of being - I don't know, caught up in it all.

Came home to a very, very warm house - alone. K. had to work early and C. & W. had magic to make before C. passed out from all the drinking he had done. ASA called at 3am, I think I promised to call last night and forgot. I was actually in bed by midnight with only 4 beers in my belly and feeling a lil confused and giddy by all the attention from K. and some of the things he said. Next weekend I'll be seeing ASA and maybe that will give me more clarity to whatever there is between us. Oh and to keep this complicated ramble going J of the EE left a card on my door on Thursday night that he needed to go his own way since it had become honest that my feelings weren't the same for him. The card actually meant a lot to me and I thought it took total balls to write it. I left him a message saying such and that if he needed or wanted my friendship I would feel lucky to offer it to him.

Oh and there's been other interesting things happening as well that a few of you clever detectives know about.

What a weird - yet exciting summer this is starting out to be.