Wednesday, May 21, 2003

...the thing you DON'T have to know about me is ....

( see I hate that other phrase - "the thing you HAVE to know about me is ..." , I mean HEY - I don't have to know ANYTHING about you, and I mean if I want to - really, really mean to - then you should say - "the thing it would be nice if you wanted to learn about me is" - anyway, end of internal discussion...)

...when I'm quiet, somethings up.

And something is up and I don't really think I should talk about it til at least - I - understand what it means better.

Things here at HCL are good, but very stressful due to a mound of hospital/doctor bills. Hope to have insurance by the start of June - and yes - I am quite aware that I can't believe I let this (they let this) happen. Consider me the case book example for the insurance salesman to generate fear in would be customers why never NEVER let your health insurance lapse no matter how healthy you are.

I'm actually staying in AZ for Memorial Weekend. I have tons of work to do and financials need to be to the CPA by next week and then to the bank by the first. It's gonna be tricky, and the boss is off for a week and half on the east coast.

Long Beach was really wonderful. And I can't say enough how much I enjoyed meeting and hanging for the third time - the Bear-Bait Dream Boat. Honestly one of these times I would love to lose the crowd and actually just talk to you. I spied another blogger as well - but he was lip-locked and I hate to interrupt someone when their getting some lovely. I only went to two of the parties since I wasn't really partying, and for the most part I was conservative in my behavior.

Next trip Laguna Beach the weekend after this - I know, I know.