Tuesday, May 13, 2003

no real time to blog, so random toughts:
  • You just rock. Cool, cute, laid back. You made more than one of my friends (at THE HOLE nonetheless) swoon - do bears/cubs swoon ? Anyway - our second meeting was even more enjoyable then the first. Hope ya got home safe.
  • I could have done without starting my weekend by getting a call from Lucky (the Ex) as I came off the plane. That's gonna be a whole other entry.
  • Met an adorable South American guy from Rio De Janario - who convinced me to extend my trip a day (well, I mean blow off my flight while we made out in a dark corner of Rich's and then go enjoy some majorly fun cuddling.
  • Drank more than I promised to - but over a larger time frame then expected (they start really early and go really late in SD)
  • My house looks like a tornado hit it, and now I have to get ready for Long Beach Pride this weekend.
  • I need to write more later when I can actually write.