Wednesday, April 09, 2003


  • Pick up the "El Train" at the airport.
  • Lunch with the "ladies that lunch" at Arcadia Farms
  • Maragarita's at Dos Gringos
  • Boyz at BS
  • Day-o-Shopping - Kierland, Fashion Square, Biltmore (mental note: MUST buy a frigging bathing suit)
  • Dinner at AZ88, drinks at Merc - meet up with BN1
  • Funeral - is my suit clean, what tie?
  • Memorial Service
  • Wine at Il Postino
  • Dinner at Elements at the Sanctuary
  • Breakfast at Orange Market Grocery
  • Day-o-Beauty - Spa Day at Phoenician
  • Dinner at Bar Mouche - meet up with BN2
  • Sunday (all day) Sedona - rich hippies and soul stuff.
  • Monday AM (friggin early) - the El Train departs.