Friday, December 13, 2002


Trent Lott makes a racist statement honoring a 100 year old hard-core conservative (Hot Leather Daddy Strum) - that the spin doctors can't spin under the table (OR did they throw it up on the table with garland and all the fixin's to get our mind off something else ? Maybe war with a certain middle eastern country - shhhhh! no one knows were going steady!)

Mikey (Admit it I'm just a fucking FREAK) Jackson dangles his child out a hotel window - yet maintains custody of his kid. Perhaps the kid unleashed the spider on him ?? The press has a field day showering us with the freakish images.

The UN methodically goes knocking door-to-door looking like Amway salesman in Iraq and the American press corps scramble for the "Cliffnotes" version of the 10,000 page "Mommy said we can't come out and play with nuclear weapons today" government document.

Every Catholic Priest, Bishop and even maybe the big guy himself - is molesting young boys - in the present, 20 years ago - I guess even in the future - can you think of a job with less pay and less associated dignity - oh yeah - United Airlines Flight Attendants.

All I'm saying is - and I'm not really saying anything at all (or am I ?) is - what is really going on in the world that these are the only news stories I hear: morning, noon and night ?