Wednesday, December 18, 2002

...are you tough ?

Could you take me in a fight ?

Are you FIRE or are you ICE ?

From where does "toughness come", or does it grow ?

Am I a Bully because I would pick on you first, or am I your Hero because I would defend you no matter what the risk ?

My mother is Irish, My father is Norwegian - Fire & Ice...I'm a mutt with a violent - hidden temper. I rage, I storm - yet I do it in private. I feel fury and rage - still I express it by silence. My cruelest moment is in the moment where I offer only a stare.

I will slug you - yet not utter a word - my passing breath, my single punch...whispering your name.

I'm a cock-sucking masochist, a little S.O.B. I am my fathers violent temper - hidden by his invisible pain. I am my mother's outrageous display of fire - viewable from near and far.

I can't decide if this means I can defend myself when needed or if I'll tear myself apart before they even have a chance.