Wednesday, October 23, 2002

The Top Eleven Things That I Adore About the People Who Read My Site

  1. You immediately appreciate the fact that "11" items are far superior to the sissy "10" items you may find on another site.
  2. You secretly refer to me as a "bi-polar, manic depressive, tortured love puppy" when huddled together in secret ceremonies celebrating the genius of Traci Lords.
  3. If I smile - you smile with me, if I laugh - you laugh with me, if I cry - you cry with why the hell can't I get you to fall in step with the "When I strip naked - you strip naked" ???
  4. Emails, lots of loving, touching, sharing, adoring, kind emails.
  5. Obscene email, dirty, naughty, perverted, twisted emails (this is speaking directly to you and you and you )
  6. Your the only one I can honestly tell that I watched more of Tuesday nights 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (a show only meant for gay men and teenage girls) then Game 3 of the World Series (also called "California's Civil War")
  7. You don't expect half-naked pics of me on my site - but you seem to "appreciate" half naked pics of me on my site.
  8. Your more fun than Torrets in an open air mall.
  9. 3 words: Kathi Lee Gifford (hey it doesn't need to make sense - I'm praising YOU - enjoy it silly)
  10. I don't have to wear clothes to chat with you.
  11. ...and finally 3 more words: NO RESTRAINING ORDERS

You can now return to your regularly scheduled viewing.