Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Random List for Idle Thoughts:

  • If I were Louie I'd lick your face (shit - I wouldn't stop there, but it's a start) til you smiled again
  • How will I come off to you and you this weekend: Stud, Dork, or Friend.
  • How much it sucked seeing the 'X' today.
  • Veered from the anger and sadness and marched my ass to the gym.
  • Haven't let my gym trips control me before this trip - if they like me, they like all of me including the love handles
  • You have become a true and very cherished friend.
  • The house has this uneasiness, this melancholy - without Baby here.
  • I've laid out all the clothes, yet still yet to pack - something about this trip has that "bigger-than-it-is" feeling - like an epiphany or something is awaiting me in Chicago
  • I am very, very excited to see the "L-Train", "Blue Eyes" and my whore-ish "Brother/Sister" this will feel so good to be with these old friends again.
  • I gotta get packing - sorry...think warm thoughts of yourself, someone should besides just me.