Tuesday, March 19, 2002

There I sat last night - feeling the itch to Blog - to share, to unburden my weary soul - and just watched that damn evil-eye "OH YES, YES we're watching you" AOL Icon spin deliriously in circles - wink-wave-wink-wave, and then time-out....really do all Bloggers log on at 9pm (MST) just to ruin things for me and my pathetic 56k modem ?

And then suddenly the man who has kidnapped my husband and has the libido of a 19 year old Morman on his first mission (riding their bikes isn't the only thing they ride on those 2 year trips of spreading Mr. Smith's love - Gods little SUNBEAM my ass - horny little bastards) demanded sex...crap sex on a Monday Night - a MONDAY night for Christ Sake - I felt like I was in a porno - AND I LIKED IT! Thank god I convinced the captain of the rocket ship that this mission was for the good of mankind (considering well - his "attitude" of late), but man the mission was a complete success, NASA called in to congratulate and the alien residing in my boyfriend wants a rematch tonight.

Oh to be young again.

PS - Noah if you friggin bring this post up at the gym in front of said husband - I will never get laid again ! Shhhhhhhhhhh........

PSS - Have I mentioned how much I missed you