Monday, February 18, 2002

my lobsterNot sure I understand specifically what Chris was doing with his tongue here

What a terrificly fun weekend of friends, substance abuse, dancing, substance abuse, flirting, substance abuse, sex...well you get the picture. I can't believe I'm at work - I am so sneaking out of here early (since the boss is wandering the streets of Serrento, Italy looking for pizza and afternoon movie or Bloody Mary with friends may be in order).
Had a really enjoyable breakfast with everyones favorite anagram - encorswish. You have to spend time with Chris to know how much fun he is - and later we took him back to our place and did him doggy-style (just joking - wink-wink, nugde-nudge).
Trying to recover from a great weekend and sapped energy - where are mothers miracle pills - hmmmm?