Wednesday, February 27, 2002

My boy takes off for Parsippany NJ tonight to go to the christening (which I admittedly thought was pronounced "Chrish-nen", so I probably didn't spell it right either) of his new neice. In some ways gay relationships are like a little dance step - one forward/one back. More frightening than the Macarena and more complicated than the Tango.

While Lucky's parents have finally met me (July), and seem to approve of me, I am invited to "nothing" - not Christmas, not Thanksgiving, not Birthdays and well, not, Christenings.

I think family and friends spend so much time in the first few years of a loved one coming out (Lucky, I mean) selfishly wondering how "THEY" are coping with it, they lose all sense of common decency and etiquette.

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2.5 years, we have lived together going on 9 months, we are buying a house together, I am spending the rest of my life with him - but somewhere, somehow society has deemed it ok, loved ones of the man I love have deemed it ok and even strangers to us both have deemed it ok - that how "I" feel doesn't really matter much, what "I" want is acceptable as long as not spoken and surely what "I" need isn't important enough to ruffle a few feathers.

Really this isn't directly anyones "fault", but it's just a damn shame....

I really would make a wonderful Son-In-Law.