Wednesday, January 16, 2002

ok - let's face it - it's impossible to Blog in this office. Damn - I miss my big private office with the view (oh shit what am I thinking it was a view of downtown Milwaukee!)

I'm finally feeling back into the AZ groove again. Milwaukee seems a distant memory - though it broke my heart on the new "Real World" last night when the token gays (though the boy is adorable in a kick-me-I'm-a-puppy way) went to both Chicago's 'Funky Buddha' and 'Circuit' (i'll piss myself if that get that boy over to 'Cellblock' - mental note: "Gay Real World cast members are always vanilla and never go to leather bars - shame"). I was bumming. Was I really just shaking my ass at those places every Fri/Sat/Sun just 6 months ago ??? I do miss Chicago.

Anyway on the jalapeno-turned-vanilla-domestic lifestyle front (kidding honey) - the hubbie and I went to our first Puppy Obedience School class last night - I think Baby is a les she was kicking all the boy dogs around, pinning them down, biting their necks - where does she learn this shit....uh, oh...yeah good point (I'm still not that vanilla). I don't care how tough you think you are - when you see a room full of puppies - two Golden Retreivers, two Black Labs, one Yellow Lab, Aussie Mix, and some floppy dogs that resembled shrubbery - you just melt.

big girl, big vanilla- sprinkled with jalapeno - girl......

PS - if you haven't checked out the smile on this boy your missing something!