Monday, October 01, 2001

Does anyone have an epiphany I can borrow? I need one.

Perhaps you could just lend me a fleeting moment of inspiration?

I'll be good to it - I promise. I'll feed it, bath it, rub it's tummy til it growls. We'll take nightly walks at sunset as the red, orange and golden hues of the day spill down over the horizon, breathing in the same hot, arid, Arizona air.

Being unemployed has robbed me of a lot of my natural spirit. I start working at a buddies art gallery tomorrow - nothing glamorous, just man labor stuff - moving bronzes, setting up for weekly shows/art walks, putting together mailings. I hope it helps, distracts me until something comes through.

Maybe I would settle for someone telling me a side-spliting, tears-down-the-cheek, think-your-gonna-pee-your-pants joke?

uh....I'm waiting.