Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Wise words. Dumb words. Soothing words. Hateful words.

It's odd to see me having nothing to say. I just don't.

My loving thoughts go out to my friends in NYC and I am sooo happy to see many adored NYC Bloggers safe.

Been up since 6am my time watching it all unfold. Spent almost 3 hours trying to give blood (no I don't give a SHIT about the ban, I am safe - get tested every 6 months - I'll lie about my preference to give blood, sorry, but I will) - the streets in Central Phoenix were blocked with people trying to do the same - everyone was being turned away. There is now a week long wait to give blood (and I was there when they opened)

As I left the hospital. I watched crowds of people filtering into the church chapel to pray.