Saturday, September 01, 2001

I have consumed 4 Appletini's (a really girly, but tasty drink that is neither an "apple" or really a "martini") which have managed to make me a little soft around the edges...BEWARE: for once I may spell words correctly and appear to not misinterpret english for "pig latin".

Things I learned about myself tonight hanging out at a really pretentious staight (but love to hang with fags) bar:

  • That I will forever spend my life being told I am the straightest/butchest/gay the only straight guy at the table has ever
    met and really wants to join his lacrosse team.
  • That I totally remind someone of someone, but they just can't put their finger on it.
  • That I flirt unabashedly, unashamedly and unendingly and it really is confusing to the guy with a 1 hour hard-on when I say I have a boyfriend and I only sleep with him.
  • Bigger hair on a chick - no matter how tall - does not make them closer to God.
  • I love my boyfriend more in everyday life, then in fantasy - he shines so, so much brighter in bleak light of day.
  • I am the most gutteral and foul-mouthed fag you ever met - which is probably why I get alot of comments like number #1.
  • Insecure friends who spend the entire night worrying that you like your other friends more - really end up fulfilling thier own prohecy with you liking your other friends more.
  • Asking another couple (who you think isreally, really cool) to go on a doubledate is embarrassing and immediately returns you to "GO" in the board life of , well, Life.