Friday, July 06, 2001

beverage: coffee :: black (no cream, no sugar, no milk, no Amaretto, if you want a Mocha - order one - that's Ok - I'll wait til you come back)

listening: Tracy Chapman :: Crossroads :: This Time (you know you know the lyrics often sung through a veil of bitter tears..."this time I won't show I'm vunerable, this time I won't give in first, this time I will hold out with my love, this time I will not be hurt, I'm gonna love myself more than anyone else, I'm gonna treat me right...", don't you just feel Tracy has been crushed and screwed over by every woman in town?)

reading:Hot Jobs, Monster and BrilliantPeople - ugh.

watching: Bigger is Better :: Classic John Summers/Matt Sterling (Rick Donovan, Matt Ramsey, Doug Stevens - woof, how porn should be - well at least I'll be watching and enjoying as soon as I finish this blog)

flying: Newark (EWR), NJ. - then off to Parsippany (I doubt I spelled that right, but I haven't had enough of forementioned "beverage" to get up and go look for a map or dictionary - please continue to love me despite my unforgiveable spelling), NJ to meet my boyfriends parents.

dreading: Refer to "flying" and forementioned final destination.

packing: Conservative Son-in-Law wear :: Banana Republic wearables (Brown Stretch Short Sleeve, Brown Irish Linen Long Sleeve, Green Polo Shirt, Black 3 Button Suit with a Dress shirt and Tie that's colors only a BR employee could explain but do work well together - and several pairs of their clever boxer shorts (yes folks - "boxers" never briefs, and more frequently when no In-Laws are around - "Commando" -definately "Commando"), Kenneth Cole wearables (Black/Square-Toe/Dress Ankle Boot, Brown/Reaction/Camper Shoe, Brown V-neck/Wool-Acrylic Blend/Sweater - ya never know East Coast weather), Big Star wearables (2 pair - 1976/Digger/Vintage Blue - 1 Indigo, 1 Faded to perfection)

feeling: A bit out of sorts

hoping: To sort out the forementioned "feeling"

running: Late, need to hit the gym, pick-up the suit from dry cleaners, go buy a new black BR belt to replace the one somewhere on a dance floor in Orlando, Fl., finish packing, jerk-off, shower and get to airport by Noon.