Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Laboratory Report:

ID: BST081469KRL

Age: 31Y

Sex: M

Date Rcvd: 6/7/2001

Spec Type: whole blood

Specimen Number: 01VS014817

Date Collected: 6/5/2001

HIV-1/HIV-2 Ab SCREEN: Non-reactive


So it's done again. For the last three years I have been pretty good about getting tested every 6 months.
But why do I get a little queasy every time? Ponder every dance floor fondling, Back room endeavor, One night stand ???
I use condoms, have I slipped up ? Yeah, me neither - sucks to try and tell the truth doesn't it.
Has a guy ever let loose in your mouth without your permission ? Yeah, hasn't happened me, and you ? Sucks to tell the truth doesn't - it.
Have you ever walked away from a sexual experience and thought - crap - what was his/their/it's (just kidding) name ?
Do you ask every partner (one night or long term) their status ?
Have you ever put it in - then had the guy say - "Uh, could you wrap that puppy up?" or worse say nothing and you were glad ?

Yeah, me neither - sucks to tell the truth doesn't it.