Tuesday, June 05, 2001

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

GWM, attractive, muscular, versatile (pref. pitching),

Br/Br. Goatee (no 'stach), seeks sleep, 5-HTP, room not referred to as

"a great space", conversation that does not mention "Morabito, Vasquez,

Lehman, Calderone or Marsh" (ok - they were all great though 'cept Susan).

Would like the following letters to be removed from the alphabet for no less

than 30 days (X, G and K).

Lost: Favorite Black Belt (on Dance Floor of MGM/1 Mighty Party)

< >< > Favorite Black tight fitting t-shirt (Manhole) that showed off my hard gym time (on Dance Floor of Hard Rock/Colliseum III Party)

< >< > Pride, Dignity and Sense of Feeling (on more than one occassion).

If found please burn each item - I'll probably just lose them again.

Hey - I did have an wonderful time and enjoyed every minute with my boy (sigh! smile!)